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Startup-Showcase is a video forum - in the cloud - allowing entrepreneurs to present their startups and interact with investors and high-level executives. 

It is a great way for entrepreneurs to get the attention of investors and to secure a face-to-face meeting in their office.

It is a productive for investors as they can screen many startups and only invite in their offices the startups that meet their requirements.

Startup-Showcase also generates an url which encapsulates the profile and achievements of the startup. This url can be inserted in emails or on websites.

Entrepreneurs need to register. Investors can register in advance or join an ongoing session without registering.

Startup-Showcase is an Online Marketplace designed for Startup Founders, Angel Investors, Investment Leads, Syndicates and Angel Investment Groups.
Startup founders showcase their startup,
Investment Leads and Syndicates showcase their startups,
Angels and Angel Investment groups attend online showcases, ask questions and get a private access to startups,
Angels and Angel Investment groups follow startups and request private showcases,
Angels and Angel Investment groups have permanently access to general information, and confidential information after agreement.
Information and suggestions: Chris@startup-showcase.com
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